Bill Davidson

About me:

I developed an interest in photography when a teenager and on a school trip to Germany purchased a second hand Beltica camera with a Zeiss Jena lens. I still have it! There followed a number of years when I took countless slides and these are now in a box at the back of a cupboard.

My passion for photography was rekindled when I retired and now there is nothing I like more than to go out with my camera, photographing anything and everything. The East Neuk is a great place for photography with its ever-changing light and big skies.

Becoming a member of Cupar Camera Club is helping me develop my photography. Everyone in the club is incredibly friendly, helpful and encouraging, and all are filled with a desire to learn and improve. The club has adapted well to the pandemic, and the past session has seen our syllabus delivered through Zoom. We have heard some excellent speakers and have had sessions where, in a relaxed and positive way, we critique one another’s photos. I have also enjoyed the ‘socially distanced’ club outings. Next year’s programme looks equally interesting.

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