Fred Linney


I got into photography when I left school at 17 to go and work in a local photographer’s studio. It was there I learned how to do black & white processing and printing, mounting and various other aspects of the photography business. I started off using a Minolta XGM with a 50mm prime lens. I now use Nikon equipment. However, I think it’s not the equipment that creates a good photo, it’s the photographer’s ability to “see” a good shot. 

I would say I don’t have a particular favourite genre, I will photograph most things – landscapes, sea scapes, street, airshows etc. but I do prefer mono compared to colour. But It’s the love of getting out of the house with the camera, to go to places that you wouldn’t normally go to, to see things you wouldn’t normally see just because you made the decision to get out with your camera.

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