Upcoming Events

  • 20/10/2021: Deadline for submission to Picture of the Month October
  • 21/10/2021, 19:30: Club Evening:
    • Results: 1st competition 2021/22
  • 28/10/2021, 19:30: Club Evening:
    • Peter Greenway: City Lights-Fairgrounds-Fireworks: The Seaside at Night
  • 28/10/2021: Deadline for submission to the 2nd competition

Latest News

New portfolio: Dave Gordon

Dave Gordon is the latest member to present his portfolio. We hope that many members not having done will follow his example. Enjoy Gordon‘s images!

Entries to Picture of the Month

When submitting a picture please follow the rules for the format: Format: JPG Size: long side max 1600 pixels, short side max 1200 pixels EXIF Information available Thanks.

Picture of the month – August 2021

This was the first month with the new competition and – due to the limited time and being done before the 2021/22 season’s start – it was intended as a trial run. Despite that we have a winner: Frank Andrew with his picture ‘Waterlogged’. Congratulations!

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